ROL Episode 5: Kevin Lee ~ Credit Cards and Your Restaurant

Welcome to another episode everyone!

I’m bringing you Kevin Lee today to talk about credit cards.

We all take them, depending on where you live..they could be up to 95% of your revenue…

AND this impacts your business to the tune of 2.75%-3.5%… you should listen.

We dive into some pretty exact details…like the fact that restaurants/hospitality businesses pay .03 over ALL other businesses.

It’s a tough industry already, DON’T make bad decisions here…take your time to understand what you’re paying for, and how you might be able to save yourself some money.

Have a listen, LOVE to hear your comments below, it only makes me better..ciao!


Podcast Episode 4: Tony Aiazzi:

Psyched to have Tony Aiazzi on from to explain his history in the industry, his growth into the Tech Sector and his other exciting platforms that he’s offering to the world.

Plus we’ve worked out an amazing offer available through this special link only…

We welcome feedback/comments below, thanks for listening…talk soon!

Creative nuggets in the restaurant marketing space

Hello folks, I’m here to challenge you today…

What might be the last creative marketing piece you crafted for your
restaurant or food-service group?

And I’m not talking about the standard run-of-the-mill snoring old copy or old outdated idea…

I’m talking something uber creative, different, super fun and eye opening??  Maybe social media driven, but something that gets people talking?

I know time is tight, and marketing sometimes fall by the wayside, but I believe that every restaurant or needs to take advantage of these opportunities around the clock.

One small thing that I’ve started doing, that’s very basic but a little neat surprise is including mini gift cards with all my vendor payments. Whenever I send a check to a company that I do business with, I include a $10 gift card for whoever opens up the envelope. It may not be much but I think if we remind ourselves that vendors support us every day and we reward them in a small way, they’ll start to talk about us that we are nice folks,  Sending along little gifts is a small step to taking a different angle to your marketing strategy.

How are you unique in your Restauant Marketing?

What kind of different ways could you be unique?

I saw a show where at an off premise sampling, all the spoons used were gold,  the host offered that any guest who came to the restaurant in the next 24 hours could turn in the spoon for a Complimentary Appetizer…I liked that, simple and fun.

Creative use of a hashtag on social media, a little bonus in your email blast (with a short deadline), and even using location based apps to create a Summer Time “Treasure Hunt” can be ways to spread buzz about your brand.  Get people talking!  Get OUT of the traditional, as Seth Godin says…

Brick & Mortar Business Survey

Hey there…

As we all step into 2014, I’m running into more and more individuals who are having struggles in their small to medium size business.

tony_001These are businesses of ALL types, restaurants, auto painting, salons, small retail shops, etc…  Challenges seem to be falling into some categories/similarities…but I want to make sure.

I don’t want to taint the results with anything I’m hearing, but I’d really appreciate it if YOU would take this very SHORT survey.

It will take you probably 90-130 seconds, and for that I’m grateful, I know time is precious. Continue reading

Being in the DC Metropolitan area, there are no shortage of ethnic grocery stores.  There are Korean, Spanish/Latino, Ethiopian, etc…  In our suburb of Maryland, there are several that are the Spanish variety, serving the abundant Latino community of Rockville, Silver Spring and DC.  MegaObviously they are marketed heavily on local Spanish radio stations and TV channels to reach the target audience.  Funny enough there are more and more Americans discovering the benefits of shopping at these types of stores…better prices, fresher product and food ready to go!

If you picture these stores they can be quite differnt from the “regular” American groceries… Continue reading

Why use a restaurant bathroom cleaning service, there’s a reason I do…

There’s so many facets to your guest restaurant experience inside your place of business, from what they see, to what they hear, to what they smell…Boy with Clothespin On Nose

I was approached sometime ago by restaurant sanitizing bathroom service. I hesitated at first, but when I got the full presentation and saw what they did, I was pretty impressed. Now performance/offerings will vary from company to company, but I’m sure that any company in this space will do similar things… Here’s a mine did… Continue reading

So as I compose this post, I’m sitting in my car stuck in holiday traffic in the garage.

As most people know me I’m a serious technology addict, and I wanted to post up what technology has allowed me to do in my years the restaurant business.


Stuck in Mall Parking Lot Traffic = Voice Dictated Blog Posts!

I’m doing this post on my iPhone with my voice only, because I have time to kill while I’m waiting for this ridiculous traffic to dissipate.

I HATE wasted time, so I feel better that I’m getting something accomplished now…

<——–  Just to prove to you that I’m not crazy, there’s a picture what I’m sitting in


One might ask me, what types of technology are we talking about?

Continue reading

Using a “CRM” in the Restaurant Trade: Video Walk Through BASE CRM

Hello all!

Behold my first uploaded “Screencast”…please be gentle, but the content inside is I hope valuable to you.

A Customer Relationship Manager or “CRM” is used in Sales Organizations to keep track of sales opportunities, your contacts and to keep you top of mind when it comes to the products or services you represent.

Take a walk with me through a CRM Continue reading